Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Here's a thought: Furlough Mondays.

I'm a state employee and have been subjected to furloughs for the past year. They suck, I agree, but I've come to terms with it. I'm still able to pay all my bills and I tend to have to work most furloughs, meaning I bank them and use them as vacation days instead of actual vacation days, which I will enjoy cashing out when I leave this glorious state service. I know that not everybody has made friends with the furloughs, and I can't do anything to undo them, but I've got an idea that I think would make them a little more bearable. How about furlough MONDAYS?

Seriously, why did they have to pick the best day of our work week to send us all home? Why not let us enjoy the laid-back anticipatory attitude of Fridays and let us stay home on the loathesome day that everyone hates? It would be no skin off the state's back, they would save the same 15% a month from our pay, so why the heck not?

People would be WAY more tolerant of staying home without pay if they got to do it on a day they hate. Just saying.

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